Tarryn Torn


Self educated in a number of skills Tarryn is available to hire at sliding scale rates for the following skills.   The have over 15 years experience. in the following …

  • sex therapy – specializing in gender/sexuality as well as BDSM and kink culture/lifestyles
  • WordPress Design
  • Basic Web design and help
  • Graphic Design
  • Painting (murals or on canvas)
  • Hand Drawn Art (color pencil, pen, or graphite on paper)
  • Social Media Consulting

Experienced Service

Work Shops  (contact me more more info)

  • Gender vs Sexuality and the spectrum of  both
  • BDSM Terminology  pc culture, consent,  and kink. 
  • Domination and submission
  • Rope Play
  • Impact play

Over 15 years experience. One on One lessons, workshops, etc or group workshops available. 

Additional one on one  consultation are available for any of the workshops as well as the following topics…

  • Finding my kink , boundaries,  and role 
  • Transcending gender (transition talk therapy)
  • Sexuality talk therapy 
  • Couples counseling 

Dedication to Excellence


We guarantee  we will work with you till you are satisfied, at affordable sliding scale rates.

Portfolio Work
Web Design
Social Media Design